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New Concepts and Business Development
Whether you need a new marketing concept for your existing business or are ready to startup a new company, Crawford Marketing Consultants will provide the ideas you need for your business success.
  • Concepts for new business enterprises
  • Revitalize your current business with a new image
  • Activate your sales with the right tools and motivation

Your leave-behinds and mailers must be memorable and worth keeping as a referance for your services.


Your website is your door to the world and should be planned to serve as your interactive information center.


Magazines, direct mail, emails and newsletters reflect your image in every method of communication.

Public Relations

Public Relations
P.R. includes press releases, articles, online magazines, blogs, TV and radio, speaking at conferences, etc.


“In my experiences of working with Verlaine Crawford I found her to be of the highest integrity while diligently pursuing the interests of the firms that she represented.
She showed great knowledge of the issues, was open to input from all groups and worked in a manner that was always professional. Ms. Crawford is a hard working, enthusiastic person capable of inspiring others
to work towards common goals, large and small.
She would be an asset to any organization.”
Phyllis Roberts, Vice President, NatureMaker.

school brochure
Education Brochure for True Colors Seminars

“Verlaine is intuitive, perceptive and polished, which gives her a leading edge on the competition. She extracts the essence of your 'visionary wish list' said or unsaid, and exceeds your expectations by applying her expertise with strategy and detail, to the grandest vision of your project. Verlaine chooses the power fit and marries your vision with her imagination and business talent in places where others are passionate about your product.
Bonnie Watts, Aboriginal Business Quest Consulting Group, Inc. Professional Training & Coaching Industry

“Verlaine Crawford exemplifies quality, personal attention, and a caring heart to her client's and their needs. She gives 110% always to making sure her clients' objectives are handled. She is a great communicator to get her points across and then follows up with a plan of action.
You are in great hands with Verlaine."
Michael White, Visual Merchandising Company.

We have had the pleasure of working with a variety of clients from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

Art, Design, Architecture, Photography

VP of Development for Newman, Garrison, Gilmour Architects, Newport Beach, CA

Applied Photography
Orange, CA (Architecture, Interiors, Product Photography)

Carlsbad, CA (Handcrafted Steel Art Trees)

Daniel Fine Art Services
Laguna Beach, CA (Art consultants for hotels, restaurants, public spaces)

Hatch Design Group
Costa Mesa, CA (Restaurant Design)

Linda Snyder Associates
Segundo, CA ( Interior design for hotels/resorts)

World Trade Center Visionary Design

Restaurants, Resorts, Real Estate

City Broiler, Chino Hills, CA

Fish Market & Grill, San Juan Capistrano and Mission Viejo, CA

The Lodge at Pebble Beach, CA

The Ritz Grill, Pasadena, CA
Pappagallos, Pasadena, CA

Menlo Park/Atherton Board of Realtors

Non-Profit Organizations

Director of Corporate Development
AIDS Services Foundation

CEO/Executive Director Chambers of Commerce

San Juan Capistrano
CA Laguna Beach, CA
Monterey Peninsula, CA

Publishing & Seminars

True Colors, Inc., Santa Ana, CA
Seminars for education, healthcare, military and corporate audiences.

High Castle Publishing, Idyllwild, CA
Seminars in Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, Europe and the U.S.

High Technology

Director of Public Relations, Archos Technology, Inc., Santa Ana, CA and Paris, France (MP3 & Peripherals for portable computers)

Intelligent Technologies, Palo Alto, CA PC to Mainframe Communications

Syntactics Corp., Santa Clara, CA
Unix based CrystalWriter.

Fortune 500 Corporations & Government
A T & T
Bell Companies
International Paper Company, Inc.
Bank of America
Wells Fargo